What is Online  Life Coaching?


Online life coaching differs from traditional face-to-face counseling in many ways.  While there are some disadvantages--such as your online life coach being unable to read your body language and facial expressions and online coaches being unable to provide a diagnosis or medical treatment--you will find that this modality has many advantages.

The advantages of online coaching include:

  • A focus on wellness, rather than on treating illness.  In online coaching, you will be working on learning skills that everyone can benefit from knowing, rather than simply learning to live with a disease. 

  • The privacy of working with your life coach in your own home.  E-mail and chat sessions are very discrete, and there is no need to worry about making and keeping appointments.

  • An adjustable level of support.  You can receive daily support when you need it, and taper it off as you become more comfortable using the skills you are learning.  The frequency of our interactions is completely up to you.  This also leads to a more natural ending of coaching, since you can simply decrease the frequency of our e-mail exchanges until you do not need them anymore. 

  • The option to take processing breaks.  Sometimes learning new skills can be overwhelming, and you may find that you desire some time to practice.  With online coaching, you can take a break and pick back up at any time.

  • No need to wait for an appointment.  It can take a week or longer to schedule an appointment with a face-to-face life coach.  With online life coaching, you will receive an e-mail response within 3 business days, if not the next day.  In that e-mail, you will receive suggestions to try right away, to improve your situation.

  • A focus on the present.  You will talk about the past in online coaching, but you will look at it from a different angle than you would in traditional modalities.  You will begin by looking at your present situation, and then identify any misunderstandings from the past that are limiting your experience in the present moment.  Those misunderstandings can then be redefined, so that you can improve your current reality.

  • An affordable alternative.  Online coaching is much more budget-friendly than face-to-face coaching.  My e-mail sessions range from $20-$40 an hour, depending on session length.  These are among the lowest prices available for e-coaching, and yet you are still gaining the advantage of working with a qualified, experienced coach.

While traditional treatment is designed to help people overcome diseases, online coaching can benefit everyone.  We are all held back by fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs, and we can all gain a greater sense of inner peace by improving our communication skills. 

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