Frequently Asked Questions


Get individualized e-mail and chat coaching services that are private, guaranteed, personalized,  and life-changing.  As your online coach, I offer sessions to meet all of your personal development needs!  For a session that will help you overcome your fears--which is an important part of anxiety and depression self help-- and realize your dreams, please click here now!

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What is a Life Coach?


Nearly all of us can benefit from e-mail and chat coaching  services, relationship advice, spiritual life coaching and help at various points in our lives, and an online life coach is the ideal person to provide that help.  We can all benefit from having a third party look at the challenging situations we all face and to help us change the thoughts and beliefs that are making the situation more difficult.  Identifying these thought patterns is a crucial part of anxiety and depression self help.  Online coaching provides the benefits of face-to-face services,  with a few added benefits.  First off, you will not need to wait for a scheduled session to contact me, as I guarantee a response within one business day.  Additionally, you will have a record of each session, which you may read later.  

I am confident that you will benefit from my personal development services, and offer a free unconditional money-back guarantee on your first session.

How does Online Coaching Work and How do I Begin?


You'll start by choosing an online life coaching session length and filling out a request form.  I will send you some questions, so that you can help clarify your situation.  For alternative marriage coaching, you both will receive a set of questions.  You will usually receive these questions the same day.  After you send back your answers, you will receive a response from me within one business day.  My response will contain the following:

1.  A clarification of your problem, and information on what is really going on in your mind.

2.  Individualized relationship advice and advice on your specific issues, as well as spiritual life coaching, if desired.  The format of this varies with the person and the situation--everyone is unique and has differing needs.

3.  "Homework"  and exercises to help you change your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

4.  Tools that you can use on your own, to continue growing.

5.  Three free aftercare e-mails, once you discontinue coaching.

How Long is an Online Coaching Session?  Can my Issues be Solved in One Session?


Every situation is unique, and the amount of time you will need from your life coach varies from person to person and situation to situation.  I recommend trying one session and then deciding if you wish to continue receiving coaching services.  Having the opportunity to talk freely about your issue without being judged can contribute a great deal toward healing, and an online coach can provide you with a safe place to do that.

The amount of contact we have is up to you.  You may choose a one-time interaction, or daily, weekly, or monthly contacts.  The length of my responses depends on the length of the session you choose.  Discontinuing will be your choice, based on the goals that you have.  I do ask that you let me know if you do choose to discontinue you session.  You will receive free after care e-mails once you discontinue.

I have sessions available from 30 minutes, to 1-3 hours, to unlimited for one month.  I do count the time that it takes for me to read e-mails as part of the session time.

When is Online Coaching a Good Choice?


Online coaching is an ideal choice for people who are good at putting their thoughts in writing, and especially for people who are better at putting their thoughts in writing, than at expressing them verbally.  It is perfect for people who have busy schedules and want to schedule the session on their own time.  Online coaching is a great solution for people who prefer anonymity, privacy, and fast responses.

Online coaching is an extremely empowering personal development tool--through writing responses, you will be learning to use the tools that I will be teaching you.  In learning this, you will be gaining control over your own thoughts and your own experience.  You will have the added benefit of being able to re-read e-mails from our sessions, which will save you money in the long run.  

Online coaching is an excellent choice for people who want relationship advice but also want to do the work to see themselves through the issues.  I will guide you as you find your own answers, but you have to be willing to put in the time and use the tools I give you.  Online coaching is also ideal for people who want spiritual life coaching,  and are willing to put in the effort toward self-discovery.  Working with an online life coach can also help you to learn strategies for anxiety and depression self help.

When is Online Coaching Not a Good Choice?


While online coaching has numerous advantages, it is not or everyone.  Life coach services are not designed to replace existing therapy or medical treatments.  Through e-mail, I am not able to interpret body language or tone of voice.  Our communication is limited to the information you provide to me.  There may be technical difficulties, which may delay responses.  An online coach does have some limitations.  I am not a licensed psychologist or licensed counselor, so I am not able to diagnose or treat mental illnesses.   Do not use online therapy:

1. If  you are in an emergency situation, or feeling suicidal, homicidal, or in immediate danger of harming yourself or others.  If you are in a crisis situation, please IMMEDIATELY call 911, your doctor, or go to the nearest hospital.

2.  If you have any psychotic symptoms (hallucinations, delusions, thought disorganization).

3.  If you need phone contact or hospitalization.

4.  If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol or have a psychiatric illness.

5.  If you need a medical diagnosis of a disorder such as anxiety or clinical depression (rather than just needing help with anxiety or depression symptoms) or a prescription.

If you have used my services and I am unable to help you for any reason, I will refund your money and assist you in finding services in your area.

How is Information in Online Coaching Kept Private?


I adhere to the American Psychological Association's ethical guidelines to ensure very strict confidentiality. Names and personal information are never given to anyone else, including third parties for marketing and promotional purposes.  Alternative Marriage coaching will begin with private e-mails, and then we will begin communicating 3-way when everyone is ready to do so.

The only exception to confidentiality is if you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else, which is true in any case when you see a professional.

The only information you need to provide is your name or a pseudonym, your e-mail address, and your situation.  Within the security limitations inherent in e-mail communications, online coaching is as secure as "regular" therapy.  For more details, please see my privacy policy.

How do I Pay and What Will my Session Cost Me?


You may pay for your session with any credit card or with Paypal.  My sessions range from $25 for a 30 minute session, to $250 for unlimited time for one month.  These sessions are described in detail on my Coaching Services page.

I do not have access to your financial information.  I receive notification of payment, which also serves as proof of your identity.  

Will Insurance Cover Online Coaching


Unfortunately, I neither provide medical diagnoses nor contract with insurance companies.  You may submit a receipt of your payment to your insurance company, as sessions are covered as "out of network" by some companies.  If money is an issue, check with your insurance company before buying a session.

I Did Not Get a Response Within 2 Business Days.  What Should I Do?


If you have not received a response within 48 hours ( I do not work weekends or holidays, so this is not included in my response time), my e-mail has likely not been allowed into your inbox.  Please contact me right away.  Also, please make sure that my e-mail address is not blocked as spam.

I try to start your session the same day you contact me, or within one business day.  Remember, anytime you do not receive a response within 2 business days, please e-mail me and let me know that you have not received my response!

Do You Offer Free Coaching?


In rare instances, I will offer a pro-bono 60 minute session.  Please contact me if payment is an issue.  I also offer a sliding scale, so that everyone who wants coaching  is able to afford it.

I am Ready to Make Positive Changes to my Life!  How do I Begin?


If you are ready to face your fears and realize your dreams, please click here to purchase a session!

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