Here is what some of my clients have to say...


"Very helpful and understanding ! I would definitely recommend her :)"

"Bethany is extremely professional and mature. Her thoughts are well-organized and presented in a respectful manner. She is nonjudgmental, compassionate and highly informative. She is the type of person who can help you help yourself. Her responses are very succinct, which is helpful for those who are anxious and have racing thoughts. I came across this website while googling alternatives to self harm. I am very lucky to have crossed this woman's path."

"She is amazing and helpful."

"I really liked how you were supportive *and* informative. I've talked to a lot of people, and even the counselor I used to have usually just gave me pats on the back and sympathetic statements but you gave me something I could actually focus on to help my feelings change."

"Really kind, calming, and pragmatic"

"Bethany is really helpful. She makes me think of how to look and treat myself better from a way that I haven't thought before. The conversation with her was good, as she actually paid attention to my problems and came out with some questions to help me go through this tough period. She does her best to make appointment n keep track with my progress too."

"Really appropriate her effort. Thanks Bethany."

"She's a good listener understands my complaints like depression, etc... I feel comfortable chatting with her."

"She's really great."


"A good listener."