What Do You Get in a Counseling Session?

I offer 6 types of online life coaching and e-mail and chat counseling services My sessions range from 30 minutes to unlimited for one month, as well as simplicity consulting.  With each session you get:

1.  A set of questions, which you typically receive the same day.

2.  A detailed e-mail explaining your situation and what is going on.

3.  As you therapist and online life coach, I will provide Interactive online therapy, involving dialogue and the opportunity for you to ask additional questions as you put your learning into practice.

4.  My e-mail and chat counseling services include one free aftercare e-mail, a month after you discontinue.

5.  I guarantee a response within 3 business days, usually within one.

6.  If you are not satisfied after your first session, you will receive your money back

I offer some of the lowest fees available online, as well as a sliding scale, but please let me know if payment is an issue and you would like to make arrangements.